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University of Pretoria 

Bachelor of Arts Information Design


​Digital painting with Bobby Chiu

The Open Window School of Visual Communication

Modelling: Autodesk 3D Studio Max courseAnimation: Autodesk Soft Image course

About me

I am a passionate all-round creative, illustrator and digital artist. Oh… and proudly South African!  


I am the classic case where as a child I could draw almost before I could… well, breathe. And once I started I couldn't stop; drawing everything on basically anything. 


Today I teach, specialise and occasionally freelance in digital painting & illustration, character design, concept art, colour communication, children’s book illustrations and visual development art. 


The amazing thing about art and illustration is that it is truly a never-ending journey! I intend to discover and learn as much as I possibly can in this crazy, creative career that some of us choose to follow. 

Getting to do art every day is probably the coolest thing ever! 

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